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Due to accessive use of chemical fertiliser there is gradual decline in fertility of soil.As per conventional method of making fertiliser and under the guidence of Ex Scientist M.S Trifle JNKVV we have prepared pure organic culture .Our product derived from pure organic agriculture waste using Eisenia foetida earthworms.Navjivan products contains pottash, sodium, magnisiam, copper, zinc, sulphur as added advantage for soil. Vermi is Latin for Worm. Therefore Vermicomposting simply means Worm Composting.Earthworms are used to convert organic waste into a dark brown nutrient-rich humus A worm casting (also known as worm cast or vermicast) is a biologically active mound containing thousands of bacteria, enzymes, and remnants of plant materials and animal manure's that were not digested by the earthworm. The composting process continues after a worm casting has been deposited. In fact, the bacterial population of a cast is much greater than the bacterial population of either ingested soil, or the earthworm's gut. An important component of this dark mass if humus. Humus is a complicated material formed during the breakdown of organic matter. One of its components, humic acid, provides many binding sites for plant nutrients, such as calcium, iron, potassium, sulfur and phosphorus. These nutrients are stored in the humic acid molecule in a form readily available to plants, and are released when the plants require them.

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