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Aquapest is a liquid solution or suspension made by steeping compost in water. It is used to prevent plant diseases. The liquid is applied as a spray to non-edible plant parts, or as a soil-drench (root dip), such as seedlings, or as a surface spray to reduce incidence of harmful phytopathogenic fungi in the phyllosphere. Soluble Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash are the main nutrients in vermi wash. Hormones such as Cytokinins, Oxyn etc., Amino Acid, Vitamins, Enzymes, some other secretions and many useful microbes such as heterotrophic bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes including nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilisers are present in the vermiwash. The earthworm vermiwash is rich in dissolved nutrients. Amino Acids in the vermiwash are easily available for plants.

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