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soil conditioner

  • Very rich in macro and micro flora introduces biological activities in the soil to make it a living medium and improves soil health.
  • Improves texture, structure and chemical composition of soil.
  • Very high moisture retention capacity reduces water requirements up to 40% under irrigated conditions and ensures sufficient output even under 20-40% short rainfall under rainfed conditions.
  • Improves quality of farm produce(colour, texture , teste size, etc.), increase shelf life and nutrient contents to provide nourishing diet.
  • Most economical input, that increases production , reduces cost of cultivation and offer scope for value addition in the form of Organic agriculture
  • Protect the biodiversity of the earth.
  • The Presence of beneficial microorganisms like Azotobacter, Rhizobium, phosphorus-solublising bacteria (PSB), Nitrobactor, etc., helps in improving the otherwise deteriorating soil health.
  • Metabolic activity of microbes results in the release of plant growth regulating hormones, thereby enhancing plant growth.
  • Antibacterial activity of coelomic fluid of earthworms acts against pathogenic soil bacteria.
  • A cheap and good quality organic fertiliser, which can be used in place of chemical fertilisers.
  • Due to its granular form, it can be used easily at any stage of the crop.

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