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Waste Management

One of the most conspicuous features of the modern consumerist society is the generation of massive quantities of waste, which is both costly and difficult to dispose of through conventional methods. Mountains of solid wastes lying unattended in street corners have become an inseparable part of the Indian urban scenario. It has been computed that India, as a whole, generates as much as 25 million tonnes of urban solid waste of diverse composition per year. But per capita waste production in India is minisculous compared to the per capita production of wastes in the industrialised countries. Even so, the problem of waste disposal in India has of late attaining serious proportions posing as it does immense health hazards and an environmental crisis of the first magnitude. Interestingly, Japan imports 3000-million tonnes of earthworm per annum for waste conversion. But India is still a long way behind in fully exploiting the promises of vermiculture technology for waste disposal and manure generation. With the amount of waste produced in India, the country could easily produce 400 million tonnes of plant nutrients and considerably reduce the outflow of foreign exhange towards the import of fertilisers. Today, many industrial units covering paper, pulp and tanning make use of vermiculture technology for waste treatment. Now there is an all-round recognition that adoption and exploitation of vermiculture biotechnology would besides arresting ecological degradation could go a long way towards meeting the nutrient needs of the agricultural sector in a big way. On another front, widespread use of vermicultural biotechnology could result an increased employment opportunity and rapid development of the rural areas. It is hightime that the scientific community of the country gave a serious attention to standardising and popularising vermiculture technology on a countrywide basis. Courtesy: Newstime.

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